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Animation Attractor

Animation Sprite

Animation Rotation


Use Up and Down keys to changes letters inside a dataset.

Datasets :

Particles :

Show sprite :
Sprite selection :

Constraints :

text input
dataset generator
image input

Step 1.

Text parameters

Type your text here, give it a size, a font family, etc

Text Styles

Step 2.

Grid parameters

Play with the white grid, therefore change the numbers of dots, their layout, etc.

Step 3.

OpenCV parameters

Process your input to generate data, and add it to the renderer, in the custom dataset

! Click here to process changes !
if you see your input image in the box above, it means you can add it to render with buttons below
output infos : ? dots
Add to render (w/out preview)
Add to render (w/ preview)

Step 1.

Text parameters

Select which font and glyphs will be present in this new dataset, give it a size, a font family, etc


Text Styles

Step 3.

Generate dataset

Create a new data set to render with the content on step 1, automaticly or manually

! Click here to generate !

Step 1.

Image parameters

Load an image, apply modifications

Rien ici pour l'instant.
Nothing here for now.

Prochainement, une interface utilisant theatre.js pour animer (en musique ?) les paramètres disponibles.

Soon, an interface using theatre.js to (musically ?) animate the available parameters.